Head Coordinator:

  • -Organize your planning team
  • -Secure your venue
  • -Secure your equipment (pay your deposit to lock in date)
  • -Obtain your public performance license

Concession Coordinator:

This person will handle all concession needs. This is a great way to raise money by selling pre-paid concession bundles.

Idea: Work with the ad coordinator to purchase pizzas from a local restaurant at a discounted rate and sell them by the slice.

Ad Sponsorship Coordinator:

This person will contact local business and sponsors for donations and sell preshow (on the screen) ad space and ad space for the local flyers.

Recommendation: Average cost $50-$150 for ads

Media Coordinator:

This person will handle all social media advertising and/or flyers. Adding local businesses to this flyer can really drive revenue. Create a slideshow with pictures and the company’s logo after they purchase ad space.

Site Logistics Coordinator:

This person will handle on site parking and layout. Do not forget about trash cans for trash disposal for a quick clean up. On the day of the event this person will provide the Blu-ray / DVD to the techs on site to play the movie.

***Please keep in mind you must click below to request a quote for a fundraiser event (discount). Then, call (850) 888-2559 to speak with a team member